Technology is evolving at a faster rate today than it did 20 years ago. With this, the traditional skill set for the common worker is facing obsoletion. People are striving to study more to complete for education. They must compete to get better jobs so they can earn more. Today, technology-based jobs are taking over employment. This need has helped facilitate the development of online training courses and options for delivering the training. While some companies have yet to embrace the benefits of eLearning, there is evidence that modern eLearning technologies are taking over the delivery for higher education and employee training. Here are some of the benefits of eLearning.

eLearning Flexibility

Not everyone can afford taking time from their life or their desk at work to attend a regularly scheduled class in a classroom. Furthermore, some situations require learners to take the course and study at their own pace. With eLearning, learners can take training in their own language and at a time that is convenient for them or their employer. These are just some of the aspects of eLearning flexibility. This flexibility enhances the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of professionals around the world. Learning can be conducted anywhere, anytime, and for the busiest of people.

Consistency of eLearning

The human aspect of interacting with other people when learning new concepts cannot be underestimated. However, it is a well-known fact that people make mistakes. Human error is a factor to consider. Even if there isn’t necessarily any mistakes or errors, an instructor will not teach the exact same way, using the exact same words or methods for each different class. With eLearning, each learner is consistently given the exact same online training. Learning Management Systems (LMSs) can help achieve this consistency by delivering the same training material and experiences to every learner, every time. This simply means that the learning objectives of learners can be consistently matched against compliance and completion.

Updated Materials

Some industries, such as technology, medicine, and energy, keep evolving. This is typically due to ongoing research or regulation. Therefore, concepts that had been taught as benchmark truth only a few weeks ago could become outdated in a very short period of time. If the training material is not kept up to date, professionals in the company, country, or even the world would be learning and operating on outdated or possibly obsolete information. eLearning is a technology that can be the link between current information and learners. This ensures that the everyone has the opportunity to have current and relevant information regarding their job, skill, regulation, or technology. Additionally, it creates the opportunity for refresher courses with updated material. This is great if the need for continuous training and communication is required.

eLearning is Cost Efficient

Cost efficiency is relative and in this context, we are comparing it to Instructor Led Training. The cost of having several human instructors standing in a classroom teaching 10 to 30 students at a time to deliver knowledge can also be very time consuming. In addition to the cost for a physical classroom and facilities, the time required to teach students can be enormous. Furthermore, imagine if you had new company policies or production methods and needed to train 10,000 employees. Now only that, but you have to train them by the end of the quarter. This would be extremely difficult to do with Instructor Led Training (ILT). However, eLearning makes it possible to pass on knowledge quickly, efficiently, and to as many people as needed. In some instances, you could train all 10,000 employees in just a single day.

Conclusion – Benefits of eLearning

From these examples, it is clear that there are many Benefits of eLearning compared to Instructor Led Training. eLearning technology is very flexible and can be implemented to suit any company’s training needs. It also helps keep the training consistent for the students or employees taking it. eLearning is easy to update using a Learning Management System (LMS) and extremely cost efficient compared to traditional Instructor Led Classroom Training. It is no surprise that more organizations are implementing eLearning technology.

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