My team and I offer a wide range of E-Learning, Development, and Consulting services. We specialize in making deadlines, refining team processes, and increasing production efficiency. We know LMS integration and process development from start to finish.

Team / Process Consulting

As a Instructional Systems Engineer, I will come work as a part of your team. Depending on your team structure, I will integrate into your team as any role you see fit. I can provide analysis and feedback on workflows and processes. With given authority, I can run the team as I see fit, or we can work together to modify the processes for time efficiency and quality. Attention to detail, quality control, and meeting deadlines are the primary objectives we typically focus on.

PowerPoint to SCORM E-Learning

Many companies and government entities have conventional classes in which they would like to convert to or hybridize into online web-based training on a Learning Management System (LMS). PowerPoint is also a great tool used by many Instructional Systems Designers (ISDs) to Storyboard an E-Learning Course or other CBT. I have many years of experience in this workflow and can work with tight deadlines, fast turnarounds, and high capacity workloads for converting PowerPoint to Online E-Learning Courses that are SCORM compliant, AICC compliant, or xAPI Tin Can compliant.

CBT to WBT Conversion

Do you have old courses that were developed to be ran off of a CD or as a computer program? These are often referred to as CBTs which stands for Computer Based Training. These can be converted to Online Web-Based Training courses which are often referred to as WBTs. Course conversion from CBT to WBT can be done quickly and efficiently if performed by the right team or contractor. We refer to these as “Course Rebuilds” when they need to be redeveloped on a different platform than their original development. An example of this would be to rebuild an Adobe Authorware course from a CD in Articulate Storyline for Online Deployment on a LMS with SCORM compliance.

Learning Management Systems (LMS, LCMS, LRMS, CMS)

Integrating your Online Learning Content or WBT Courses can sometimes be tricky. We have worked on many different Learning Management Systems. Some of these include Blackboard Learn LMS, Desire2Learn LMS (D2L), Oracle ELM (PeopleSoft), CourseMill LMS (Trivantis), Adobe Captivate Prime, LearnDash for WordPress, LearnPress for WordPress, WP Courseware, WPLMS, and many others.

Storyboard to Online Course

If you have a Storyboard, or many Storyboards, that need to be developed into Online E-Learning Courses, we have all of the experience and resources required to efficiently and effectively develop those courses from start to finish. We will take care of all audio narration, multimedia development, simulation development, quality assurance, and course integration. We provide day rates in our “Pricing” section of this website, but will also do lump sum project bids depending on what works best for your Corporate or Government Structure.

Simulation Development

In the world of Learning, “Simulation” is a very broad term. From the simplest software learning simulation, to immersive 3D environments, we have experience developing a full range of complexity of Learning Simulations.

xAPI (Tin Can) Courses

The Experience API, also known as xAPI and Tin-Can, is the newest Tracking and Reporting API that is commonly used in the E-Learning Industry. Tin Can is being used by many learning management systems to record more user interactions in more detail. This opens more possibilities for the world of E-Learning. Did you know that Tin Can requires a Learning Record Store (LRS)? We will convert your courses to Tin Can compliance.

Flash to HTML5 Courses

Over the last 2 decades, many in the E-Learning and Multimedia Development Industries have talked of flash dying or being replaced. It’s finally coming to a point where that is actually starting to happen. HTML5 is said to be the replacement for Flash. Even though that’s said, it still hasn’t completely replaced flash. HTML5 is very impressive and opens a door to many new things, but it doesn’t have the 21 years of debugging, community support, and standardization that Adobe Flash has.

In the E-Learning Industry, flash still plays a very important part. In many E-Learning Development Softwares and Platforms, you can’t even have a Section 508 Compliant E-Learning Course unless you publish for Flash. With that said, most companies and government entities opt for having an HTML5 E-Learning Course with a 508 compliant Flash fallback. So currently, the standard is to have both.

Regardless of your reasoning, we specialize in providing the best solutions to problems such as this. We can quickly and efficiently analyze, design, and development from many old platforms to many new ones, then make sure the courses are easy to upgrade or modify in the future when web and content standards change further. There is peace of mind knowing that your E-Learning Courses can be easily modified or upgraded to new technology after they are developed. With Flash to HTML5 Conversion, it is important to focus on easy modification and future upgrading due to the fast changes in web standards and technology. Flash to HTML5 Conversion is something you don’t want to do incorrectly.

Authorware Course Conversion

What is Authorware Course conversion? Back when internet speeds were slow and web-based training software couldn’t perform online like it could on a desktop computer, people developed Computer Based Training (CBT) to run as a program on a computer or a CD. Much of this training was developed in Authorware. Authorware was a software that was specifically used for developing CBTs for Computers or CD to run offline. With the increase of web technology and Learning Management Systems (LMSs), many people are looking to convert Authorware CBTs to Web Based Training (WBTs) that can run on a LMS using a tracking API such as SCORM. For example, a government agency has 200 old training CDs, but they have been using an LMS for a few years for all of their new E-Learning. If they want to keep using the E-Learning courses that are on CD, it will have to be converted into online web based training. We call these CBT rebuilds.

Mobile E-Learning Course Development

With the fast changes in technology, the mobile world is quickly becoming the new standard for user computing. Mobile E-Learning Course Development is very viable and effective. It may not have all of the capabilities of what you can do on a computer, but when E-Learning is designed and developed to be targeting for mobile devices, it can be very successful in training. E-Learning can also be developed for computers and laptops while ensuring mobile compatibility.

Tight Deadlines

Deadlines are important to us. Meeting deadlines is one of the most important things you can do as a company or contractor. Government contractors often lose contracts due to missing deadlines. Usually, tight deadlines can be met by reworking processes and hiring specialized contractors. Typically, deadlines don’t start out as tight deadlines. What usually happens is a deadline is set early on, then when the deadline is approaching, the company or contractor realizes that they are behind schedule. Hire us to meet your tight deadlines. The longer you wait, the tighter the deadline.