Instructional Engineer

An Instructional Engineer is an eLearning Engineer. A Software Engineer, Instructional Systems Designer, and specialized eLearning Consultant.

15 Years Experience

Over 15 Years of Experience as eLearning Consultant, eLearning Engineer, and Instructional Systems Designer.

Cutting Edge Technology

My team and I stay up to date on the latest eLearning and LMS Technologies. Storyline, Captivate, Blackboard Learn, LearnDash, SCORM, xAPI, and more.

Problem Solving

We quickly assess and solve problems to meet quality standards and deadlines.

Over 400 Online Courses

I alone (not including my team) have been a part of developing over 400 different Online Training Courses.

Recent Clients (eLearning Engineer / ISD / eLearning Consultant)

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A Welcome Message

Hello. My name is Wes Davis. I have over 15 years of experience in the eLearning industry. Naturally, I have worked in many areas of the industry. Therefore, over the years, I have had the opportunity to experience a variety of work and clients. I started in this industry a long time ago as an experience flash and multimedia developer. In the earlier days of eLearning, many people were converting their CBT courses from CD ROM to Flash so it would run online. Also, I was a small contributor to the SCORM community. We were trying to figure out how to standardize the industry.

Similarly, it seems like the process is happening all over again. Flash has become outdated and everyone is converting to HTML5 and needs mobile compatibility. History repeats itself.

The eLearning Consultant

In the beginning, I was pulled into the industry by a small contracting company that provided conventional training services. The entire eLearning team consisted of 3 people. A project manager, a subject matter expert, and me. Certainly, I lacked the skills of the eLearning Consultant I am today. So I was basically told to figure it out. During this time, I obtained experience with technical writing, quality assurance (QA), audio recording, LMS integration, and every other thing that goes with it. Finally, the company grew. A few short years later, I was the head of the daughter company that developed eLearning. With a team of 12 or so content developers, I learned more about project management and problem solving. Additionally, I became the guy that did the work that nobody else could do or figure out.

The eLearning Engineer

After a few years, and quickly developing the skills of an eLearning Engineer, I decided to leave that company. I had reached the top with them. There was nowhere else for my career to go. Interestingly, I also developed an interest in 3D and Virtual Training Environments. The military and government agencies I had been working for didn’t seem to have the same interest at first, but the private sector did. I contracted for many Oil and Gas companies after that.

In more recent years, I have been working as a Senior Software Engineer that specializes in eLearning. With a diversity of skills, experience, and clients, I confidently welcome you to my website. Please feel free to message me anytime with any questions or comments. New projects  and clients always get a free estimate by email and consultation by phone. Thank you for visiting my website.